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375TD Trailer


Besides the normal private and leisure owners / users of a wide range of Griffon Hovercraft, here is a list of some of the past and present owners / users of Griffon Hovercraft.

Dundee City Council Dundee Airport Scotland Crash rescue service
Tiepe River, Brazil Sao Paulo Road Traffic dept. Traffic CASAVAC
Poland, River Vistula Warsaw Police Rescue service
Italy, Venice Venice Fire Department Crash rescue
Spain, Galicia, Vilaxaon Ministry of Fisheries Anti-poaching
Hong Kong, Deep Bay Dept of Agriculture & Fisheries Anti-Illegal fishing
Lithuania, Klaipeda Klaipeda State Seaport Authority Search and Rescue
Estonia Estonian Border Guard Patrol
Sweden Swedish Coast Guard Patrol
Finland Finland Frontier Guard Patrol
Nigeria, Warri & Port Harcourt Shell Petroleum Development Co Ferry & logistic support
Nigeria AGIP and Elf Petroleum Ferry and logistic support
India& Indian Coast Guard Anti-smuggling & Infiltr.
UK Ministry of Defence Royal Marines Various
USA, Antarctic McMurdo Sound Base Logistics, survey, rescue
Pakistan, Tarbela Dam Pakistan Water Authority Water sampling
Belgium, North Sea Coast Ministry of Defence Artillery range control
New Zealand Auckland International Airport Emergency Rescue
Brazil, Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro Intl. Airport Emergency Rescue
London, River Thames Thames Watermen Luxury Fast Ferry
Scotland, Brighouse Bay H.A.M. Dredging B.V Holland 24 hour logistic support