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375TD Trailer


All Griffon Hovercraft are fully amphibious, i.e. they will travel over deep water, shallow water, land, sandbanks, mudflats, rapids, small rocks, weeds (i.e. water hyacinth) and any reasonably flat surface.

All Griffon Hovercraft are constructed to the highest exacting standards. Their design and construction complies with both the British Hovercraft Safety Requirements as issued by the British Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and with the IMO Code for Safety for High Speed Craft. Griffon Hovercraft Limited also supply craft classed by Lloyds and other classification societies.

From the smallest to the largest model, all Griffon Hovercraft are powered by well-proven diesel engines, make use of elevators and movable water ballast systems for fore and aft trim control, are built solidly with an aluminium hull and GRP deck with separate buoyancy compartments between the aluminium under-hull and the deck, which makes them virtually unsinkable.

Griffon Hovercraft are currently operating in all types of climates: - In the Arctic and Antarctic, in the Tropics and in Temperate climates. They are equally popular in rich sophisticated countries (U.S.A., Canada, Sweden, U.K.,) as in emerging nations (Nicaragua, Thailand, Nigeria, Malaysia, India, Lithuania, Estonia, etc.).

Griffon Hovercraft Limited’s Quality Assurance system has been fully approved by the British Ministry of Defence in meeting the requirements of the International Standards Organisation (ISO 9002).

Griffon Hovercraft Limited became the first company in the world to install diesel engines in small to medium-sized hovercraft and led the world with other innovations such as ducted propellers, skirt shift control systems and significantly lowering noise levels.


  • Fully amphibious: Operate over water, land, sandbanks, mudflats, ice, rocks and rapids.
  • High Speed: Cruise at fill payload at speeds of 25 –36 knots.
  • Low initial costs: Similar price to conventional boats of same speed and payload.
  • Low operating costs: Similar to conventional boats of same speed and payload.
  • Air-cooled diesel engines: Gives reliability and long life
  • Negligible noise levels: About the same as a truck or high-speed boat.
  • Highly maneuverable: More maneuverable than boats
  • Simple: Simple in design, manufacture, operation and maintenance.
  • Reliable: Proven over tens of thousands of operating hours
  • Easy to operate: Same time as for learning to drive a car or truck
  • Easy to maintain: An ordinary diesel or boat mechanic can service and maintain
  • Minimal training: From one day for the smallest to eight weeks for the largest craft.
  • Very little spray: Low cushion pressure keeps spray to a minimum
  • No wash / wake: There is virtually no wash / wake at high speed.
  • Can be classified: By Lloyds, US Coastguard or other classification authorities.
  • No berthing problems: Operate equally successfully from unprepared beaches and riverbanks or from piers, pontoons and harbours.
  • Experienced Management: GHL Management have been designing, manufacturing and operating Amphibious hovercraft for more than 30 years.