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375TD Trailer


Griffon Hovercraft - In service World Wide - including the Antarctic, for

Leisure, Eco-Tourism, Emergencies, Flood Relief and Rescue.
Border Patrol, Mining, Survey, Pest Control, Mine Sweeping.

HOVERTRAVEL is the Cape Town based Southern African supplier of new and pre-owned high speed, completely amphibious, globally proven, diesel powered Griffon hovercraft to the Private and Public Sectors.

We provide pilot and operational training for crewmembers of our entire range of hovercraft, which have carrying capacities from 5 to 80 seats.

Griffon hovercraft will accomplish any task performed by a fast boat, but additionally, they will operate where no boat can venture. For example: Over land and sea mines, sand, mud, snow, rocks, weeds, logs, debris and rapids …at speeds in excess of 55 kms per hour and coping with gale force winds.

Griffon Hovercraft Limited leads the world in the design, development, manufacture and operation of hovercraft and produces the largest range of amphibious hovercraft available anywhere in the world today!

Estonian Border Guard   2000TDX